Purification Nation

Purification Nation

The framework of our approach encompasses a comprehensive three-tier system, which involves active participation from laity, clergy, and therapeutic professionals. In addition to these tiers, we recognize the importance of cultivating smaller groups tailored for specific support purposes within our community. Upholding accountability as a cornerstone, we employ a multifaceted strategy that includes prayer, adherence to character and training requirements, regular evaluation, case management, and an efficient reporting system. This intricate structure ensures a holistic and well-coordinated approach to our mission, fostering a supportive and accountable environment for all involved parties.

Our mission is to establish an educational, evangelical, and inspirational ministry dedicated to winning souls for the Kingdom of God. We aim to combat the demonic forces affecting family life in our community. Guided by Jesus’ intent “to release the oppressed” (Luke 4:18-19), we strive to fulfill this mission and bring positive transformation to individuals and families.

Overcoming Ministry

Individual counseling services are available for women navigating experiences such as infertility, miscarriage, infant loss, and abortion.

Pastoral Care/ Biblical Counseling

Delivering spiritual support and guidance, our services aim to assist individuals in exploring and deepening their faith. This is done through spiritual guidance and emotional support. 


My Brother's Keeper

Group support tailored for men focuses on cultivating their spiritual growth, to reposition and restore them in alignment with the teachings of God’s Word.

Deliverance Ministry

A resource support group provides spiritual guidance and aid to individuals confronting life-threatening challenges and battling addictions, grounded in the teachings of the Word of God. Central to its mission is fostering character growth, holiness, contrition, reverence for God, faithfulness, and obedience, with a focus on nurturing personal development and transformation. As affirmed by Psalm 34:17-20, no one is beyond redemption in the eyes of God, who hears the cries of the righteous, saves the brokenhearted, and delivers them from all afflictions.

Marriage Ministry

Marriage strengthening for couples and engaged couples to develop and nurture a strong, Christ-centered marriage.

MSMBC Prayer Line

The Prayer Line Ministry actively encourages and ministers to the hearts and minds of people seeking to hear a word, confirmation, or edification from God. By submitting ourselves and being responsive to the workings of the Holy Spirit, we enter into a time of devotion and prayer for each other as well as the larger body at large. 

Sinai Sisters in Christ

This ministry is a safe place for women and girls to talk about real life. It is our desire to provide spiritual and moral support, encouragement, and relief to our sisters as they face some of life’s more difficult challenges.