Elevation Nation

The concept of “Elevation” embodies the act of elevating, celebrating, and revering with utmost respect and adoration. It is the essence of lifting high, of offering praise that transcends mere words, reaching into the realm of the divine. To exalt is to acknowledge greatness beyond measure, to honor with a profound sense of reverence and awe. It is in this spirit of veneration that we turn our hearts towards God, for it is He who dwells richly within the chorus of His faithful. The Elevation Nation is united in this sacred purpose, to magnify God through the dedicated service of their ministries. Each action taken, each word spoken, each note sung is an offering of worship, a testament to the glory of God. In every endeavor, they seek to reflect His majesty, to shine His light into the world, and to embody the joyous proclamation of His love.

B.J. Lane Male Chorus

The BJ Lane Male Chorus is an all-male vocal group that performs a range of vocal parts, such as tenor, baritone, and bass. They are celebrated for their rich and varied sound.


Voices of Faith

The Voices of Faith is an adult choir that specializes in performing contemporary gospel music.

Progressive Voices

The BJ Lane Male Chorus is an all-male vocal group that performs a range of vocal parts, such as tenor, baritone, and bass. They are celebrated for their rich and varied sound.


Gundy's Gang

Gundy’s Gang Youth Ministry provides a safe and welcoming space for young people to explore their faith, build relationships, and discover their unique skills and talents.

Youth Ministry

This program is designed to be a safe haven for children aged 6-12, aiming to demonstrate the love of Christ through meaningful fellowship.

Machala Dance

Our youth dance ministry represents a dynamic and significant manifestation of faith, creativity, and fellowship among the young congregation members. It is guided by committed mentors.

Stepping For Christ

Our youth step team is an exuberant and dynamic ensemble that melds percussive dance, rhythm, and choreography to produce performances that are both powerful and enthralling. It serves as a platform for our young performers to exhibit their talent, creativity, and collaborative spirit.

MSMBC Drill Team

Provides youth, ages 7–18, ministry through the use of percussion instruments and gives glory to God through the use of precision drills.

Boy Scouts of America

The Boy Scouts of America’s mission is to equip youth with the tools to make ethical and moral decisions throughout their lives by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law, as well as Christian principles. Meets on Mondays at 6pm.

Girl Scouts of America

The mission of the Girl Scouts is to build girls of courage, confidence, and character who make the world a better place. Every girl has the potential to become a leader who can create positive change in her own life and in the world, guided by the values of courage, confidence, and character. Meets on Mondays at 6 pm.


Our Greeters opportunity to welcome worshippers as they enter God’s House, with a smile and a hello the ministry promotes an atmosphere of excitement, contentment, and spiritual uplifting for the worshippers entering church and participating in the worship service.


Tasked with the creation, identification, planning, and implementation of opportunities to participate in local and global mission activities, as well as sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the community.


The Audio-Visual Ministry aims to improve the auditory and visual elements of worship services and other church events by utilizing audio and visual technologies.

Music (Band) Ministry

This ministry provides a chance to heed God’s call and utilize one’s spiritual gift of music. Members interested in joining should reach out to the choir director.

Nurse/ Health Ministry

The mission of the Nurses/Health Ministry is to provide emergent care to our congregants and to support and provide educational programs and resources to promote a healthy and holistic lifestyle in our church and the broader community.

Bible Zone

Offers children, ages 7-12, a dynamic and interactive worship experience that teaches the word of God and Christian principles in an enjoyable manner.

Connecting with neglected, rejected and troubled Children

Foster’s Christian Fellowship caters to youth aged 6-18, nurturing their spiritual, social, and emotional needs. It exemplifies Christ-like behavior through the shared interests of Christianity and chess.

Rock Stars on One Accord

Offers girls, aged 7-12, a secure environment to develop emotionally, intellectually, physically, and spiritually in their Christian journey, facilitated by mentorship and peer engagement.