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Senior Pastor

A Mighty man of God
Dr. Gundy fights for justice
Cares for the children
Cares or the children
Enthusiastic Teacher
Loving Husband
Believes in equality
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Pastor Dr. R. L. Gundy, a divine blessing bestowed upon our church in April 1999, has significantly contributed to our growth spiritually, financially, and in membership. His deep connection with God has granted him a vision that has profoundly influenced our congregation.

Dr. Gundy, alongside his wife Wallette Denise Williams-Gundy, are both natives of Jacksonville, Florida. Their family, including their son Andrew, grandchildren Darrion and Savia, and great-grandchildren Chasten and Nasir, are the bedrock of love and dedication in our church community.

A staunch advocate for social justice, Dr. Gundy is dedicated to promoting social change and racial equality. He firmly believes in the importance of every life and the right to equal treatment, often taking a stand against authority when needed.

Deacon James Gordon

Deacon James Gordon serves as our Chief Financial Officer, responsible for overseeing the financial management, reporting, budget development, financial strategy, stewardship, and transparency initiatives of the church. Deacon Gordon ensures that our church adheres to financial regulations and standards, promoting fiscal responsibility and integrity within our community.

Pastor Isaac McCullough

Pastor Isaac McCullough holds the position of Executive Pastor. He collaborates with the senior pastor and the leadership team to further the ministry’s mission, nurture spiritual development, and guarantee the smooth operation of the church’s various functions.

Pastor Paul Hassell

Pastor Paul Hassell serves as the multicultural pastor, focusing on embracing diversity, promoting unity, and fostering a sense of belonging and inclusion for all members of the congregation and community, irrespective of their cultural background or identity.

Minister Kelly Brown

Minister Kelly Brown, in her role as a youth minister, plays a crucial part in molding the faith and character of young individuals. She empowers them to confidently express their beliefs and positively influence their communities.

Sister Nichole Wilson

Sister Nichole fulfills the role of Senior Youth Advisor, offering invaluable guidance and support to the youth in our church community. Her role is pivotal in shaping the lives of our youth, as she nurtures their leadership qualities and designs engaging programs for their active participation.

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